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Blues Guitar

Welcome to my trade page, I mainly trade dvds but some audio too. My preferences are classic rock, metal, Kiss and Fusion & Jazz. I'll accept  almost any stuff that  I don't have from the artist on my list but I'm open to accept other artist. You'll find several list including Rock, Kiss ,Jazz & Fusion. I'm still working on my audio list, so check it out frequently. Most of the titles have info like (PC), (SA), PRO, AUD & quality rating (this is just my point of view but can be different regarding the eye of the beholder). I can give more details about any dvd or audio upon request. I'm open to trades almost always and I'll answer every trade request. My trading rules are simple and almost the same you'll find in any trading page. So if you find anything on my list and agree with the rules, let's trade!!!

Nothing Is For Sale  




  1)  Please Use Name Brand DVD & CD
I Will not accept those shiny thin or cheap media




3)  You Contact Me You Send First

If I contact you I will send first. This only apply the first time, subsequent trades send at the same time.


4)  Please put DVD's & cd's in a paper or plastic sleeve 

with a piece of paper to seperate them if 2 must go in same sleeve

I will do the same for you


5)  Please Use Bubble Mailers


6)  You Must Use A PC Burner
If The DVD has Menu's I Would like them intact


7)  DVD's must not be VCD / SVCD sourced
I Will ask for a replacement


Some videos may be in PAL format

That aren't marked as (pal)

I try to keep track of this but some may slip through

Make sure your player will play both


COMMUNICATION is very important during the trade, so please keep in touch to communicate about any issue, I understand sometimes everybody can have a delay, so please let me know


I'll ask for replacements in the case of bad copies, I'll do the same for you.


Any doubt about a trade please ASK